Customer Testimonials

Jayne Birbeck
What can I say………….my mother died suddenly last year. Although she was 86yrs and in the early stages of dementia, it was still a huge loss. My sisters and I got together to go through her clothes and realised that she had held on to some of my dad’s clothes who had died 25 yrs previously.

I just couldn’t let them all go to a charity shop so I brought them home, much to my husband’s alarm (more hording!). I stumbled across memory cushions by accident so started to do a bit more research. I found several on the Internet and contacted them all.

Not all of them answered and the ones that did just didn’t sound right. They either referred me back to their website or focused on the cost. That is all except Teresa. From the very start she was different. Her warmness and passion came across in her emails. I asked loads of questions and she answered them all.

I sorted through for the things that mattered to me most. I sent Teresa a mixture of mums clothes, dad’s things (including his uniform badges) and a few things from our childhood like the ‘best’ tablecloth.

Teresa said I had enough for 5 cushions and a small quilt. When they came back I opened the parcel and couldn’t help but cry. They were so lovely and the care and attention that had gone into them was obvious. Teresa had gone to so much trouble to reflect my parent’s personality and my childhood memories in the cushions and quilt, they were absolutely beautiful.

If you are looking to preserve some very precious memories in a way that can be used every day, then Teresa must be your first choice. I am collecting my own children’s past baby clothes and will definitely be sending to Teresa for her to make something for each of them.

Thank you Teresa, you are truly a woman with a very special gift.

Jayne xx
Victoria Stoneham
I was recommended Teresa by a friend and I cannot be more grateful to her. I wanted a quilt made for my daughter's 21st birthday. I asked close family and close friends for items of clothing and/or fabric which my daughter would immediately know was theirs. Through the post came dresses, ties, badges, bags, pillow cases, underwear, tops, hats, skirts, festival outfits and some fabric especially embroidered by a best friend. I included part of my wedding dress, dressing gowns, table cloths. I had part of my daughter's 'blankie', her first baby outfit, school shirt, dressing-up clothes, festival bracelets, her brother's school tie and, as she is a textiles student, samples of the creations she made all through school and into college.

Teresa was so helpful from start to finish. I immediately felt assured that she would do her best and kept me informed all through the process. When the quilt arrived, it exceeded all my expectations. Beautifully crafted but also the thought that had been put into placing particular items was so well executed, highlighting so many of the special things that had been given. It really is amazing and beautiful.

I am so excited to give it to her. I know she will absolutely love it. It's a truly wonderful gift for a 21st and something she'll treasure forever.

Thank you so very much.
Lee H
Teresa took some tops that mean a huge amount to me but could be viewed as dull by others.   The creativity in the finished product was amazing and led to my other half almost instantlyadopting the quilt as we both love it'

Thanks again. Really really amazing what you did with my boring work t shirts

Lee H
Maxine Thompson - (Kristian’s Mum)
I found Teresa by looking up memory quilt on line.I had heard about people having their loved ones clothes made into a quilt to have forever and I thought it was a wonderful but somewhat daunting beautiful son Kristian was 19yrs old when he died, he loved all of his designer gear and I had them folded beautifully in a box, couldn't get rid of them, my family had tried to raise the subject of charity shops etc but I wasn’t having it.I spoke to Teresa about a year before I had built up enough courage to take the clothes down, which were by that time in a new box all folded neater than before.As soon as I met Teresa I knew it was going to be ok, she made me and my partner tony feel so welcome and she wanted to know all about Kristian and his older brother Liam. When it was time to open the box she listened to every detail and memory I had of every garment that belonged to my son, and made me put them into piles of importance, alongside Kristian’s clothes we had brought clothes from all of my family members who had beautiful memories of their brother, grandson, nephew cousin, boyfriend and friend, Theresa took it all in and made notes as talked.we were with her for a long time and we laughed and cried and I felt elated as I got up to go, which was a huge relief as I had thought I wouldn't be able to leave my precious son’s clothes. Teresa kept in touch with me throughout the making of the quilt and four cushions, and within no time they were ready for me to pick up....They were totally amazing, words cannot describe how having my sons clothes displayed so beautifully and being able to wrap them around makes me feel.

My cushion is never far away from me, and I intend to do talks to children on the campaign of the one punch, (how Kristian died ) and the quilt will come with me.All I can do is thank Teresa from the bottom of my heart for the empathy that she had for me and the wonderful thing that her talent allows her do for people who are in my position, I will always be grateful. Maxine Thompson

(Kristian’s Mum)
Kerry Day
We lost our eldest son Luke in 2010, and after a year or so faced the hardest decision of all.. what to do with his room and his possessions. We couldn’t bear to throw anything away. His clothes especially held so many memories, and it seemed sad that they were all locked away in a wardrobe. By word of mouth, we had heard of Teresa Bell and had seen some of her work. After many months of thinking, we decided to go and meet her. We could have posted Luke’s clothes to her, and communicated via phone and email, but it was important to me that I met Teresa (if I hadn't liked her, I couldn't have handed Luke’s clothes over to her!)However, within moments I knew we would go ahead. Teresa is one of the most special and sensitive people I have ever met. Nothing was too much trouble and she gave us advice which I shall always be grateful for. After hours of discussing different options, and the meaning of special garments, we finally decided on 2 small size quilts, and 13 cushions.

Teresa posted them to me when they were finished, and I was literally blown away by the end result. Each cushion is a work of art; each unique, but totally personal to Luke and expertly and beautifully finished. Teresa uses labels, pockets, ties, pillow cases; whatever you want to include. It makes them very tactile and helps to tell a story. I can’t even put into words how emotional the whole process was, but as a family we have gained immeasurable comfort from this. Instead of Luke’s clothes being locked away in his wardrobe, all the important people in his life ie family and friends have a small part of him, in something they can use every day, that they will treasure forever. Our daughter Rose cuddles her cushion in bed at night. She says it feels like she is hugging Luke. She writes him little notes and puts them in his shirt pocket. This is so comforting for her, and has really helped her to express her grief. My cushion is made using a shirt which has special memories for me.. It is precious beyond words, and it lives on the sofa in the corner where Luke used to sit.

Kerry Day