Apologies, Patchwork Quilts is currently not taking orders at the moment.
Don't discard your loved ones clothes - I can make them into an heirloom patchwork quilt and/or cushions.

I can use ALL clothes (except knitted items) and you can add curtains, bedding, table lined etc and anything which holds a memory. You can add clothes from other members of your family too.

To see many more quilts I have previously made view my memory patchwork quilt gallery here.
Don't worry if you don't have a lot of clothes, you can have a small quilt made (cot size 36" x 48") which is useful for the back of a sofa or chair etc, or some cushions can be made, the possibilities are endless.

Please ring/email me before you post off your clothes and fabrics to discuss quantity and requirements.
Teresa took some tops that mean a huge amount to me but could be viewed as dull by others. The creativity in the finished product was amazing and led to my other half almost instantly adopting the quilt as we both love it'

Thanks again. Really really amazing what you did with my boring work t shirts.

Lee H